Why Can't I Use Regular Salt in My Salt Water Spa?

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Why Can’t I Use Regular Salt in My Salt Water Spa?

Sometimes a little fear of missing out can be a good thing. When it comes to specialized sanitizing systems for your spa, believe the hype. You definitely don’t want to miss it! So, if you have never experienced the natural bliss of a steamy soak in a salt water hot tub, the time to give it a try is now.

Using salt water in your hot tub is easy. Plus, it is lower maintenance than the chlorine additives we’ve been mixing and remixing all these years. But wait! Don’t just go dumping a pillar of table salt or Epsom salts from the dime store into your new spa. You’ll need refined mineral salts, which contain none of the additives that regular table salt has. You can find spa salt at your local Leisure Works showroom.

How Does Salt Sanitize My Spa Water?

Refined mineral salts are additive-free. They contain the perfect amount of sodium chloride that, when mixed with water, creates a chemical reaction to produce natural chlorine. Salt sanitizing systems come with a salt cell or generator. They use a power source to pass your spa water over an electrode. This automated process is what generates the chlorine that will keep your water sparkling clean.

If you were to dump table salt into your hot tub like it is a plate of French fries, the impurities in the salt would damage the electrodes in your generator. The same goes for Epsom salts. There’s no reason to try it because, even if it didn’t damage your system, there is simply not enough sodium chloride in regular salt to effectively sanitize your spa water. Trust us on this one — just stick to the good stuff.

Advantages of Salt Water Spas

Salt sanitizing systems deserve the hype they’ve been getting in the spa world over the past several years. Using salt to naturally clean your hot tub water is low maintenance and low cost. It will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and your hair silky smooth every time you step out of the hot tub. In fact, salt is a fantastic alternative to adding chlorine for those with sensitive skin or easily damaged hair. Water that has been sanitized by salt has a softer feel and none of that familiar chlorine smell — leaving you feeling more refreshed than ever.

If you’ve never experienced the sheer joy of a salt water spa, come on down to your nearest Leisure Works showroom to find out more about adding a spa to your home. We have locations in Ann Arbor and Novi, MI. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer all your questions about the latest and greatest in pool and spa technology.



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