The Ultimate Man Cave: Outside

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The Ultimate Man Cave: Outside

Every guy who has ever had to share his house with anyone besides another guy has wanted a man cave — a space all his own to take refuge from, well, life. Reality is, however, there just may not be room in your home for a man cave, or even a man-closet.

Next best thing: outdoors.

The Ultimate Recliner

When it’s game night, forget the dingy recliner that never works quite right. Give “couch potato” a whole new meaning with a hot tub in your outdoor man cave! With ergonomic seats and massage jets, you’ll experience the ultimate relaxation, even if your favorite team isn’t playing as well as you hoped.

The Ultimate Way to Watch

That’s right, we’re going to say it… mount a TV on the back of your house so you can enjoy the game in sequester. You just need to make sure of one thing: that you can easily take it down and store it indoors or, better yet, that you can keep it safe from the elements with a waterproof cover, such as The TV Shield. I mean, what is a man cave without a big screen TV anyway?

The Ultimate Food

And what is a man cave without access to some fantastic food? You can’t barbeque in the basement, no sir. So if you’re going to have a man cave outdoors, then you need to have a killer grill for all your favorite cuts of meat and probably a mini fridge or top-of-the-line cooler to keep those Rocky Mountains blue.

Come to think of it, an outdoor man cave sounds better than any ideas we’ve heard before! You want in on this too? Then let Leisure Works help get you started with our superior hot tub selection. Everything else just falls into place once you’ve got the “recliner” for your den. Making your backyard the ultimate man cave takes some planning and budgeting, but it will certainly be worth it in the end.

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