The 5 BEST Exercises to do in your Swim Spa

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The 5 BEST Exercises to do in your Swim Spa

Your swim spa is the ideal place jump start your healthier lifestyle by incorporating exercise into your daily routine. Sure, you can swim. Obviously. But that’s far from the only thing you can do in a swim spa! In fact, here a five great alternative exercises that can help keep your workouts interesting, and your body fit.

Kickboard Exercise

Kickboards aren’t just for first-time swimmers! Using your kickboard against the resistance of your jets can make for a great strength training session. Go ahead, turn your jets on high and create a current to work against. Extend your arms out while holding the kickboard and begin to kick against the flow. Who needs a lazy river when you have a swim spa?

Water Aerobic Dumbbells

If you’re looking for a great way to tone your arms, using water aerobic dumbbells will do the job. Water aerobic dumbbells are made from Styrofoam, and keeping them submerged creates resistance that can be the perfect challenge for strengthening and toning your muscles. Start by extending your arms out with your palms facing each other. Slowly bring the dumbbells together, remembering to keep them in the water. This exercise will work your chest, shoulders, and back all at the same time.

Old School Squats

Squats are a great way to work your core and legs. But the water resistance takes your normal squat to a new level. Start your squats by spreading your feet to align with your shoulders. Steady yourself by holding on to the side of your spa. Once you are in position, proceed to lower yourself into a squatting position, then rise back up. 

Water Kick Exercise

Needing an exercise for your abs? Stand with your back to the wall of your swim spa. Grab onto the wall of your swim spa and slowly bring your legs up to your chest. Repeatedly push your legs out away from your chest and retract back. The resistance of the water will help strengthen your abdominal muscles.

Water High Knees

Just like the high knees, you do on land, high knees in your swim spa can help get your heart rate up and improve the muscles in your legs. Simply stand in waist deep water and begin to march in place bringing your knees up as far as you can!

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