Shopping For A Spa? Here’s Where To Start…

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Shopping For A Spa? Here’s Where To Start…

At home!

Streamline your spa shopping experience by doing your due diligence on the front end. You’ll need to figure out your needs and your limitations prior to meeting with our sales team. Though some of our staff are rumored to have ESP, most of us lose our regular sensory perception once our morning coffee wears off… So in the event you end up dealing with one of us regular folks, we’d love to know the following for starters:

What is your budget?

Have you been saving? Are you interested in applying for one of our awesome financing options? Do you have room in your budget for the operation and maintenance costs of spa ownership?

Your overall budget will help us guide you through the different tiers of spas that we offer – and help us to suggest accessories that will enhance your soak sessions!

Where do you plan to put your new spa?

Indoors? Outdoors? Simply set up on top of a concrete slab? Incorporated into a custom deck?

Installs can run the gamut from mild to wild. However and wherever you plan to install your new spa, you’ll certainly need to give us some general measurements of the area – again to streamline the search. From there we can get into numbers of seats – a perfect segway into your next bit of homework…

Do you require any particular spa features?

Are you interested in a swim spa or a hot tub?

Is it a physical ailment that’s provided the impetus for your spa search? We can help you find the perfect spa based on your therapeutic needs.

Do you have minimum or maximum seating needs?

Do you want the bare bones basics or will you require drink holders, water features, custom lights, and a bluetooth sound system?

The Leisure Works Promise:

Do this little bit of homework for us and we’ll make sure you get the right spa for your needs – A spa that will give you years of trouble free family fun, health, and happiness. We’ll be available every step of the way and well into the future should you need any spa service or supplies!

Come on down and see us. We’ve got the coffee on!

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