Owning a Hot Tub May Actually Decrease Your Water Usage

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Owning a Hot Tub May Actually Decrease Your Water Usage


Finding ways to save money and save the planet can some times prove to be a difficult feat. Saving money on your water bill and being conservative with your water usage on a monthly basis is a win-win! If you have been using your hot tub for therapeutic uses, you may find yourself cringing as you read the water bill each month. Did you know that having a hot tub will actually save you money? 

Save Money with Water Usage

It’s true! Hot tubs are the ideal replacement for soaking in the hot tub! Hydrotherapy is best experienced from inside a hot tub! By relaxing in your hot tub on a regular basis you will improve the quality of your hydrotherapy and decrease your overall water usage!

“How does that work out?” you may ask. I am so glad you asked! If you are using your bathtub 4-5 nights a week, this means that you are using between 150-550 gallons of water per week! That is a lot of water! With a quality hot tub like the Twilight Series Spas, you will only have to replace 380 gallons of water every 4 months, provided it has been cared for regularly! That is a huge saving! The amount of water you use in four months equals the same amount of water you would use in just one week with bath taking! This equation is just counting one person of your household using the bathtub as a source of hydrotherapy! If you have more than one person utilizing the hot tub as their choice for hydrotherapy, your savings will be much, much higher!

Although, the amount of money you save is a great incentive for getting a hot tub. There are many other reasons that will add incentive! I cannot think of anyone who enjoys it when their bath water begins to get cold! You will never have to worry about that in a hot tub!

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