Make Hot Tub Maintenance a Family Activity

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Make Hot Tub Maintenance a Family Activity

When you have kids, everything is a teachable moment if you look for the opportunity. Owning a hot tub is no exception. With it you can show your children the importance of caring for your investments, gives you the chance to teach them some science, and teaches a little bit of responsibility of their own.

Science Lesson

While you certainly don’t want your kids to be in charge of testing your hot tub water and messing with the chemicals, you can still make them a part of it by engaging them as they watch you complete the process. Explain to your inquisitive kiddo the importance of maintaining pH balance in the water so that it stays clean. Keep it simple for younger kids and just let them see the magic on the pH test strips. For older kids and teens, you can give them the full chemistry lesson on hot tub water.

Hot Tub Chores

There are ways that your children can help with the maintenance of the hot tub that don’t involve handling chemicals. One child can be responsible for using the water vacuum to clean debris off the bottom of the hot tub, while another can check the hot tub water level and add water with the hose as needed.

Younger kids can wipe down the hot tub cabinetry with a rag, while a teenager can be responsible for making sure the cover is on correctly after each use. Specific responsibilities vary depending on your child’s age and maturity level. And, of course, never leave a young child unattended near a hot tub.

Invest Time

By getting your children involved in the care of your hot tub, you’re showing them that we have to care for the things we invest in because they do not take care of themselves. Learning to respect the fact that you made an investment in something everyone in the family enjoys is an important life lesson.

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