The Delivery Process

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At Leisure Works, we want to ensure the day of delivery is seamless and that the process is smooth and enjoyable for you.

Delivery by Leisure Works includes: 

  • A pre-delivery walk-through at your home to view and measure your yard.
  • Assistance to your landscaping and electrical contractors—over the phone or via email—to make sure everything is prepared before the delivery and installation day.
  • Shipping from our Indiana factory.
  • Delivery to your home on our trucks and trailers.
  • Our experienced and trusted crew on hand to gently place your spa.
  • One of our team of experts managing the entire process on-site.
  • Our expertise at troubleshooting and managing any difficult scenarios, should they arise.
  • The management of your crane or forklift delivery needs—you pay those fees directly.
  • A walk-through of the owner’s manual on-site.
  • Instructions & orientation on how to use your spa or swim spa on-site.
  • Installation of auto cover lifts, cover lifters, valets or caddys, bars and other accessories.
  • Installation and assembly of spa steps and other accessories.
  • Assistance with placing the spa cover.


Delivery and installation by Leisure Works does not include:

  • Contracting services for patio, deck, leveling or other landscaping needs. However, we are happy to refer you to an experienced, local company who can complete those projects before delivery day.
  • Electrical preparation for your home power panel.
  • Electrical hookup for your spa or swim spa. Please plan to have an electrician on site to do so.
  • Filling your spa
  • Crane or forklift, if needed. If required, we will arrange for a crane or forklift and you will pay those contractors directly.

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