Ideas for Landscaping Around a Swim Spa or Hot Tub.

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Ideas for Landscaping Around a Swim Spa or Hot Tub.

Whether your yard needs a few new plants or a complete makeover, here are two must know landscaping ideas for designing the right deck or patio around your hot tub or swim spa.

Plan your patio: Choose inspirational pieces to decorate the garden or patio. Try and find things at thrift stores or garage sales to save money and repurpose. It’s easy to add character by repainting to match your decor or add texture with patio containers of various colors.

To create a more stunning look mix it up with a ceramic planter pot of different colors and sizes, whereas pairing clean, simple containers with a variety of plants create a more eye-catching focal point.

Landscape: Form a sense of depth by mixing tall shade trees, midsize shrubs, and short ground cover.

A small patio will make you feel cramped, though a large terrace will leave room for flower planters and shrubs for more-lush greenery.

Layering with plants forms a sense of depth when mixed with tall shade trees, midsize shrubs, and short ground cover.

Instantly transform your backyard into an oasis by adding a beautiful water feature. The calm sound of running water produces a serene atmosphere.

Deck Design: Plan your deck according to your lifestyle and social gatherings. For instance, will you want privacy with full enclosure, backyard parties utilizing the hot tub and barbecue grill, or something a little more, solely for personal use?

Gazebos are more than a spa enclosure, from; airy floor plan, full enclosure, or screened windows -they are the perfect backyard centerpiece.

Pergolas are famous for their exotic styles and unique designs. Built for entertaining, comfort, and seating. Also, available in a variety of structures, materials, and plans.

Or, if you want a little extra fresh air, choose a Spa Umbrella. Because the canopy pivots, you can easily enjoy the shade, sun, or a combination of both.

Find inspiration for your Hot Tub in your “favorite” outdoor living experience with Leisure Works.

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