Keep Michigan Hot Tub Energy Costs Down This Winter

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Keep Michigan Hot Tub Energy Costs Down This Winter

After the initial cost of your hot tub, paying to heat it is probably your biggest expense. The winter months are especially expensive for heating your hot tub – especially here in Michigan. There are 3 main ways that you can reduce your Michigan hot tub energy costs. Changing your tub settings, keeping in the heat that is already there and controlling external factors, can all help in decreasing your energy bill.

Change Those Settings

One of the easiest ways that you can reduce heating costs is by turning down the temperature a few degrees during the winter months. It is unlikely that a temperature decrease of less than 5 degrees will be noticeable to you especially as the outdoor temperature is also cooling, but your utility bill will certainly notice the change.

Another setting that will reduce your Michigan hot tub energy costs is your air control. When you get out of the hot tub, make sure that all of the air controls are in the off position. The air that these controls pull in to make all of those nice bubbles, is air from inside your cabinet and is definitely cooler. That cool air is cooling the water temperature and causing your heater to run much more than needed.

Keep the Heat In

You can definitely save money by keeping in the heat that you have already paid for. Most of your heat loss comes through the cover. First and foremost, you should make sure that your cover fits properly. If it is too large or too small you can be sure that you are loosing precious heat and costing yourself more money.

When it comes to covers, the thicker the better. Consider upgrading to a 5 or 6 inch thick cover. Every inch means more heat that is staying in your spa. The ideal cover also has a heat reflective bottom that bounces any heat that is trying to escape back down into the water.

Much of the heat that is lost through your cover is lost through the hinges. Look for a cover that has fully insulated seams and hinges.

You might also consider getting a bubble cover or floating thermal cover to put over the water under your regular cover. The gap of air that is between the water and the cover is constantly causing evaporation and condensation. As this process is happening you aren’t losing water, but you are losing heat. Adding a cover to the water its self will prevent this from happening and will help maintain the heat that is already in the tub.

External Factors for Michigan Hot Tub Energy Costs

Another way that you can help maintain the heat you already have is by eliminating external cooling factors. If your hot tub is in the open outdoors, consider putting up a wind break of some sort. You would be surprised at how much heat you lose from the wind.

Insulating the open space in your cabinet around the hot tub is also helpful in keeping heat in. Simply put bags of insulation in all of the open spaces of your cabinet. To eliminate any areas of cooler air staying against the tub.

Following these simple tips will help you see a decrease in that energy bill with no decrease in the enjoyment and relaxation factor of your hot tub!

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