How to Stay Hydrated in a Hot Tub

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How to Stay Hydrated in a Hot Tub

You probably know you need to stay hydrated. After all, it’s fairly common knowledge. And you probably know you can get the water you need from drinks, and from some food sources. But how much water do you really need? And are there circumstances where you may need even more water?

What is Dehydration?

You’re more likely to become dehydrated if you lose more fluids than you take in, often leaving you weak, tired, or stressed. The moment you’re thirsty you’re already starting to dehydrate. Other mild symptoms include lightheadedness, headaches, or fatigue. Mild dehydration can quickly progress to moderate or severe dehydration with symptoms including rapid heartbeat, fever, listlessness, and fainting.

Hot Tubs, Water, & Dehydration

It’s pretty clear hot tubs have water, but most are unaware of the common ground shared between hot tubs, water consumption, and dehydration.  For that reason, let’s look at a few tips for experiencing the ultimate health benefits of a hot tub, and the safety of staying hydrated:

  1. Hot tubbing is similar to exercise in that they both increase blood flow and speed up your heart rate. Therefore, you should drink a full glass of water before or after to make sure you’re sufficiently hydrated.
  1. Your body weight, physical activities, air temperature, and humidity may affect your daily hydration needs.
  1. Consuming water can help balance your body’s fluids and functions including digestion, absorption, circulation, saliva, nutrients, temperature.
  1. Water is life and nutrients for your body – whether in liquid form or from the food we eat. So, the next time you’re thirsty, drink up.

Before and after you soak in your Healthy Living Hot Tub,  drink a nice cold glass of water and experience a health of wellness benefits. Or, start your day hydrated with fruit infused water or end your night with a warm cup of herbal tea. What’s your favorite drink for staying hydrated?

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