How to Move a Hot Tub

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How to Move a Hot Tub

You’ve loved every second of hot tub ownership. But now you are moving and want to take your prized possession with you. Is it possible to move a hot tub?

Of course! Our first recommendation is to hire a professional moving service to do it for you. But we know many of you DIYers are too enterprising for that. (Or maybe you’re just looking to save a buck!) After all, moving costs can get steep very quickly.s

The good news is that moving your hot tub yourself is doable. Well… not moving it entirely by yourself. With a few extra hands on deck it can definitely be done. Just remember to be careful and move slowly. You don’t want to damage your hot tub. You might owe some favors when it’s all said and done, and you’ll need to enlist a few of your sturdiest friends. The more, the merrier, but four of you together should be enough to get your hot tub safely moved. Here’s a step-by-step guide to moving your hot tub:


Yes, you’re right. It would be awesome to be carried while soaking in your hot tub like a modern Caesar. However, carrying upwards of 5,000 pounds might be a little much for your friends. Obviously, then, you’re going to need to unplug and drain the hot tub. Then take out all external components and parts and transport them separately.


  • Two 2’ x 4’s
  • A pallet jack
  • Several large pieces of plywood if you need to navigate across grass or other difficult terrain
  • Moving straps

A pallet jack is ideal, but the job can be done with two furniture dollies that you can rent from your local hardware store.


Are you moving your hot tub across the yard, or do you have to get it up into a moving truck? Are there tight spaces or stairs you have to deal with? Come up with a plan before you start. This will help to avoid any unforeseen obstacles. Don’t forget to think about the exact position you want the hot tub to be in at its new location.


To get the hot tub into position, you and your helpers will need to lift it a few inches. You can lift one side, place a 2’ x 4’ beneath it and then do the same for the other side.


Now that the hot tub is raised you can slide the dollies underneath either side. Make sure the hot tub is secured with straps and have a friend guide each side. If you have grass or difficult terrain use your plywood pieces to provide a rolling surface. If you need to get the tub up a ramp and into a moving truck, have one person guide the front and several people push from behind. This part will be the most strenuous. Once the hot tub is in the truck, strap it in so it doesn’t move while you’re in route. Leave the tub on the dollies so you can unload your hot tub without mounting it again.


You’re ready to place that beautiful hot tub in its new location. Make sure it’s in the exact position and orientation that you want it and carefully lift and remove the dollies. Lower it into position, replace the external works and cover, and fill with water. Congrats, your hot tub has a brand new home!


Are you getting a new place, but don’t have a hot tub to move to it? We’ve got you covered! Visit one of Leisure Works incredible showrooms in Ann Arbor or Novi. With a hot tub from Leisure Works, your new home will be the place you long to be each and every single day.

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