How to Clean Your Swim Spa

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How to Clean Your Swim Spa

So, you bought yourself a Master Spa Swim Spa. You’re enjoying the soothing warm massages and relaxing in the evenings with a refreshing, sweet drink.

However, now you’re wondering how to keep your spa water sparkling clean. Ouch, hot tub chemistry sounds a little bit scary.  Rest assured -no chemistry major needed for the job. Caring for your spa doesn’t have to be overwhelming, as long as you have the instructions, right chemicals, and accessories on hand.

Don’t just pull the plug! With these spa tips, you can learn how to drain and clean your swim spa the correct way.

Bye, Bye Bacteria

Merely eliminate bacteria or biofilm with the proper sanitizer and by flushing those lines. Otherwise, the bacteria will feed off the biofilm exposing your spa water to contaminants, such as Legionella, eventually leading to Legionnaires Disease or Staphylococcus aureus. Also known as hot tub folliculitis and E. coli, a severe stomach illness.

The only way to remove this nasty goo is through normal spa water circulation or regular cleanings.

Flushing Those Lines

For draining and cleaning your swim spa, start with a line flush product. Once added, the product will need to circulate for approximately 20 minutes. However, if this is your first time using a flushing product, you may need to let it flow for a few hours.

If you discover a gross-looking foam substance swirling around in the swim spa, you’ll know your line flushing product is working.  Your next step will be to drain and clean your spa, so you’ll have crystal clear, clean water. Make sure to follow your product instructions for the most accurate and safest use.

Draining Your Swim Spa

The most economical option for draining your spa is with a garden hose and allowing gravity to work its magic.  On the downside, it is the most time-consuming. However, if you have the time, this will enable you to clean your spa cover, clean the filter, or any other maintenance care needed.

Warning: Always flip the swim spa breaker before draining your swim spa; otherwise you’ll be at risk of electrical shock.

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