How Much Does a Hot Tub Affect Your Utility Bill?

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How Much Does a Hot Tub Affect Your Utility Bill?

hot tub utility bill

During peak seasons, you can get a serious case of sticker shock when it comes time to pay your electric, water or other utility bills.  If you’re a hot tub owner, you may wonder how much of that bill is due to your hot tub. The answer may surprise you … in a good way! In fact, the average a hot tub utility bill usually runs about $10-50 per month.

You may be wondering, what makes the difference in expense? There are a lot of variables, including the age, size and overall efficiency of the spa. But there are also things you can do to help hold your hot tub operating costs down:

Electricity Rates

Your monthly cost can differ greatly from state to state or even from town to town. Why would the location of your hot tub make a difference? Electricity rates vary greatly depending on where you live. For instance, if you live in Louisiana (the state with the lowest electricity rate as of 2017) your monthly utility bill is going to be much lower versus the rates in Hawaii, the state with the highest rates.

Low-End vs. Higher End Hot Tubs

The type of hot tub you purchase really does make a huge difference in your overall cost. At first, low-end hot tubs may seem more affordable. But after the purchase, will it continue to save you money? Higher-end hot tubs may cost more at first, but over time, the investment in higher quality materials and overall engineering will make your spa run more efficiently and lower your operating costs.  

Thermal Barriers

Not all hot tubs are created equally! The things that set a quality hot tub apart from box store hot tubs can’t always be seen from the surface. If you had x-ray and thermal vision goggles, you would see that while most hot tubs claim to be well-insulated, the way in which they are insulated makes a huge difference. A well-insulated hot tub will help reduce the amount of energy used on a daily basis, in return reducing the amount of money you pay on your monthly bill.

Quality Hot Tub Cover

Having a hot tub cover is a must. A cover not only keeps out dirt, debris and (if it’s a locking cover) children and unwanted bathers – it prevents evaporation. When your hot tub cover is well-insulated and properly fits your hot tub, it will keep your water at a constant temperature. Your heater won’t have to work so hard to keep the water warm,  and this will keep your energy bill down.

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