How Hot Tubs Improve Your Workout Sessions

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How Hot Tubs Improve Your Workout Sessions

As one who loves a good workout, you are always looking for ways to improve your exercise sessions. From circuit training to spin classes, you’ve tried all the choices that are available at the gym. But what would you say if we told you that a hot tub can take your workout session to the next level?

Hot tubs offer dozens of health benefits, including improved conditioning for athletes and those who love to workout.

Hot Tub Tips for Your Workout

Hot tubs are absolutely incredible additions to any exercise routine. A pre-workout hot tub soak is an excellent choice to help you:

1)     Provide a quick warm-up to your muscles.

2)     Limber up your muscles and joints before your workout to provide you with a wider range of motion.

3)     Loosen muscles while you stretch in warm water—decreasing the risk of injury.

4)     Focus your mind and get you in the workout zone.

5)     Increase circulation and oxygen to your muscles during your workout session.

6)     More quickly get to your target heart rate.

And don’t forget to use the hot tub as a recovery spot after your workout. A post-workout hot tub soak within 24-48 hours can help you:

1)     Ease sore or aching muscles—making for quicker muscle recovery.

2)     Reduce muscle and joint stiffness.

3)     Provide an excellent hydrotherapy circuit-massage to all your muscle groups.

4)     Look forward to your next workout (and hot tub) session!

5)     Relax and refocus—elevating your mood for days to come.

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