How Does Dealer Financing Work?

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How Does Dealer Financing Work?

dealer financing

Thinking about investing in a new hot tub? Buying a new hot tub is a large investment. The experience of purchasing a hot tub can be very similar to purchasing a boat or car. Sometimes financing a large ticket item can be a daunting thing. The terminology alone can cause you to scratch your head in confusion. So, how does dealer financing work anyhow? And how can you get the best deal for your buck?

How does it work?

Financing through your hot tub dealer is a great way to bring your dreams of owning a hot tub…into reality much, much sooner! Similar to buying a car or boat at a dealership, hot tub dealers are capable of offering you, the buyer, financing through a third party financial institution.

Down Payment

Having a down payment is a great way to start your hot tub financing journey. If you have been saving up for a new hot tub but are not quite there yet. No worries! You may be closer to purchasing a new hot tub than you thought! If you have cash money to put down on your new hot tub, you are a step closer to owning the oasis of your dreams. A down payment can help reduce the amount that will need to be financed and will enable you to have lower monthly payments!

High Credit Scores = Lower Interest Rates

Having a good credit score can save you a lot of money! When you apply for financing, your credit score will be ran to determine what type of interest rate the third party institution can offer you. The higher your credit score is can determine a better rate for your financing. Having a lower interest rate can reduce your monthly payment or even enable you to purchase a bigger hot tub!

Length of Payment Terms

The amount of time you finance your hot tub can also be a huge impact on how much your new monthly payment. Monthly payment terms can range from 36-60 months. If you go for the longer terms, it may appear to be a lower payment, but after you figure in the interest that accrues over time, the answer may surprise you.


We are here to answer any questions you might have about hot tub ownership or financing your very first spa. Stop by and see us anytime. We look forward to meeting you.

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