How Big Should My Hot Tub Be?

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How Big Should My Hot Tub Be?

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There’s a plethora of questions you’re likely to ask yourself when buying a hot tub. One of the first questions is most likely, “How big should my hot tub be?” There are multiple determining factors when thinking about installing your new spa. There’s the size and shape of your space, plus the internal and external depth you need. Then there are lifestyle considerations:

  • How many people will regularly be using your spa?
  • Do you need extra space when guests come over?
  • What hydrotherapy massage benefits are you looking for?
  • Are there health or recreational amenities you need?
  • Which spa is most comfortable and sized correctly to your body?
  • What overall style suits you best?

Placing a Hot Tub

Planning out where your hot tub will go may dictate the size of spa you are looking for. If you are working with a smaller space you won’t be looking for an 8-seater. And if the spot you have in mind is rounded, you won’t be looking for a square tub. There will also need to be an electrical outlet or electrical connection nearby. You’ll need a 240v outlet or less if the hot tub you’re looking at is a plug-and-play model. Non-plug-and-play models will need to be hardwired by an electrician.

Are you going to put your hot tub on a deck? Different size hot tubs have different load requirements based on their volume. Consult with an engineer to ensure you have a sturdy enough foundation to support your hot tub.

Your height may even be a factor for how deep of a hot tub you are looking for. You should be comfortable resting in the seats with your shoulders submerged and your head fully above the waterline.

Family and Friends

How big your spa should be will really depend on who you plan on hosting. If you are just seeking a quiet place for you and your partner, maybe a small two or four seat model is all you need. However, there will likely come a time when you want to host guests for a party or have the family over. It’s great to have some spare room whenever you feel like using it — especially if your space allows for a larger tub.

Hydrotherapy and Use

The benefits you seek from your spa experience will be another major factor when you are choosing a hot tub. Is an amazing hydromassage what you are longing for? If you want to relieve back pain or other chronic pain, find the perfect seat and jet placement for your body. If you want daily exercise or to rehab an injury, consider bringing home a Master Spas or H2X swim spa.

Leisure Works has out-of-this-world inventory on all sizes of hot tubs and swim spas. Check out our gallery here or come and visit one of our locations in Ann Arbor and Novi! Whatever your needs, and whatever your dreams, Leisure Works can transform your space into the backyard retreat of your dreams.

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