How Autism and other conditions benefit from hydrotherapy

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How Autism and other conditions benefit from hydrotherapy

It’s no secret that kids love hot tubs. But what you might not know is that for many children – those with autism or other conditions, for example – playing in a hot tub actually provides therapeutic benefits.

The warm water provides buoyancy, support and muscle building resistance that’s beneficial for some childhood illnesses and muscle conditions like muscular, skeletal and neurological disorders; plus autism, asthma, scoliosis, and spinal bifida.


Children with Autism often have a difficult time staying focused. Hot tub therapy helps ease their overloaded senses which allows them to interact with others in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

The water’s resistance helps strengthen muscles while the water’s buoyancy helps support a broader range of motion in children with joint inflammation. Also, the hot tub jet turbulence teaches better balance, strength and endurance with aquatic aerobic exercises.

Asthma and Cystic Fibrosis

Children experience more lung capacity, breath control, rib mobility, and a stronger diaphragm while in a hot tub at chest-high water level. Good to know: Spa chemicals evaporate 18 inches from the surface of the water. For that reason, children should only remain in the water chest-high for about 10 minutes, and another 10 minutes waist-deep.


The water resistance can help strengthen the muscles on the weak side of the curved spine and improve the body’s alignment.

Spina Bifida

Children with this condition also find relief from spending time in hot tub water. With a the guidance of a therapist, they can learn to strengthen their upper body and improve their balance while in the warm, soothing water.

While children with any of these conditions should be under the care and guidance of a physician and therapist, you may also benefit from having a quality hot tub. Something like a Clarity hot tub which features Ergonomic design, LED lighting, biomagnetic therapy, and patented EcoPur Filtration System. Plus, it’s great when you or other members of the family just need a little time to relax and unwind. Visit a Leisure Works showroom today so we can help you find the perfect home spa.

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