Hot Tubs: Not Just for the Rich & Famous Anymore

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Hot Tubs: Not Just for the Rich & Famous Anymore

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Did you know that salt was once considered so valuable that it was used as a currency? As a matter of fact, the word “salary” comes from the word salt! Or that the color purple was reserved for only royalty to wear?  It’s true! You could only afford to wear the color purple if you were rich! They say that a pound of purple-dyed cloth would cost as much as a pound of gold! Throughout history, everyday items that you and I use or see on a daily basis were once a very, very expensive purchase. It’s amazing how the cost changes over time!

Hot tubs have been a statement piece for the rich and famous for decades past. Setting the scene in movies and music videos as financial status. Thankfully, the hot tub is no longer a status piece for the rich but a medical revelation for the everyday Joe! Hot tubs have come a long way in price, ingenuity, and availability to the public!

Pricing Options

The pricing of hot tubs can range anywhere from the low-end of $2,000 to the luxury tier of $18,000. Which means that there is a price range for every income status! Most hot tub dealers even offer financing options, so you not only can afford “a” hot tub but you could walk away the same day with “the” hot tub of your dreams!

Why Invest?

You may ask yourself why should you invest in a hot tub? When you buy a hot tub, you are not only investing in a great way to spend your evenings under the stars, which by the way is the best way to enjoy a stress-free evening. But you are also investing in a way to keep your body healthy and running smoothly. Take your cues from the Japanese and Romans of ancient times. They knew and understood that hot waters held powers of healing and revitalization. Hydrotherapy is a great way to revitalize your body and help bring relief to your aching bones. Studies show that the regular use of a hot tub can help relieve pain and inflammation, along with many other health benefits….but just don’t take our word for it. The best way to find out if something is true is to try it out yourself!

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