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Having a clean filter makes a significant impact on the quality of your pool’s water. A clean filter allows for proper filtration, which is essential to achieving and maintaining safe, crystal clear water. From filter, tile and surface cleaners to pool cover cleaner and preservatives—keep your pool environment new and inviting with BioGuard cleaning products from Leisure Works. Having a regular cleaning schedule will help to keep you on track and increase the lifetime of your pool and pool equipment.


Clean filter to ensure optimal water quality

Kleen It®

  • Removes metal, dirt and scale from filter
  • Cleans sand, DE and cartridge filters
  • Spray or soak application



  • Removes grease and oil from filter by acting as a shampoo
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Works on all filter types

To clean pool surfaces

Off The Wall®

  • Penetrates and removes tough grime, scale and deposits from Hot Tub & Swim Spa surfaces
  • Non-abrasive, super-thick gel formula
  • Enhanced stain removal capabilities
  • Suitable for use on all Hot Tub & Swim Spa surfaces

Erase® Iron Stain Remover

  • Highly effective iron stain remover
  • Compatible with all pool types


Remove unsightly foam

Anti Foam

  • Easy-to-use, fast-acting formula
  • Doesn’t affect pH
  • Swimming can resume quickly after application
  • Works well with all sanitizer types and all pool surfaces


Protects pool covers during storage


  • Cleaner and deodorizer that allows for storage of wet pool covers
  • Extends the life of most swimming pool covers
  • Prevents covers from sticking together when folded
  • May be used to clean and store other poolside items


Remove excess chemicals


  • Eliminates excessive chlorine, bromine or hydrogen peroxide residual
  • Dissolves instantly
  • Reduces pool downtime
  • Can be used to convert pools to the SoftSwim® (chlorine-free) system

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