Opening Your Pool

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Opening your pool does not need to be complicated if it has been closed correctly. Just follow these easy tips and you will be well on your way to a swim season full of sparkling sunshine and glistening water!


  1. Pump: Remove water, debris and dirt from your pool cover by clearing the cover. Pump or siphon any water from on top of the cover. Then clear off any leaves or debris. Be careful not to let the dirty pool cover water seep into your pool.
  2. Scrub: Scrub your pool cover with BioGuard Stow Away, which will expertly clean your cover and prevent it from sticking during storage. Store your cover in a cool, safe, dry place.
  3. Inspect: Inspect your pump, skimmer and filter baskets for any maintenance issues. Call Leisure Works to fix any problems before you run your pool.
  4. Fill: If your pool is short on water, fill the pool to the middle of the skimmer opening.
  5. Add: Add a bottle of BioGuard’s Pool Opening Complete to your pool water.
  6. Run: Start the pump and remove all debris and dirt on the bottom of the pool with your vacuum. Run your pool continually for 24-48 hours.
  7. Visit: Bring in a 16 ounce water sample to Leisure Works in a clean container. Make sure your sample is from elbow-depth, away from skimmers and return jets, so that your Leisure Works customer care representative can get a clear picture of what is happening under the water’s surface.
  8. Balance: Leisure Works will always provide you with free water testing and analysis, helping you balance your water to ensure that any further chemical additions during pool season have the best chance of being effective.
  9. Maintain: Once your pool is perfectly cleaned and balanced, maintain it all summer with the best in water care from Leisure Works. Regularly check and balance your water.

Did you lag behind last year on a great pool closing? Don’t worry. Sometimes water complications can take some professional intervention to clear up. Bring us a water sample for your free, computerized water testing and analysis, and we will get you exactly what you need to get your water sparkling like the crown jewel of your backyard.

Need help opening your pool? We’ve got a full maintenance and service team on staff to ensure that your pool opening and seasonal maintenance are flawless. But contact us early! With the best service team in the area, Leisure Works maintenance slots fill very quickly.

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