Five Ways to Prevent Soreness After You Exercise

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Five Ways to Prevent Soreness After You Exercise

prevent soreness

Ouch! Now you are feeling it! The sudden rush of pain is just hitting you…you thought you had dodged the soreness bullet but alas…two days later it hurts to laugh, bend over, or even sneeze. This is a good/bad problem. While the discomfort of not being able to function is an inconvenient way to move about after a strenuous workout, it is also a good thing.

Your muscles have been taken to their max and then some, causing soreness to remain with you. How is this a good thing? Well, your body will be sore for a few days and then repair itself making you a stronger person. While soreness is a common thing for people who exercise…there are ways you can help prevent it in the future! Here are five ways to prevent being sore the next time you outdo yourself at the gym.

Soak Before

Your hot tub is the ideal place to get a pre-warm up before starting your exercise regiment! A ten-minute soak can help increase your muscles flexibility! This will also help reduce the chances of you getting sore and may even prevent you from hurting yourself during your workout! So, before warming up, soak!

Warm Up

Now, that your muscles are relaxed and ready to take on a workout, its time to get going. But before you jump right into a workout, take time to finish your warm up by doing some calisthenics. Get that blood pumping! Warming your muscles up will help prevent soreness later on!

Water, water, and more water!

One of the benefits of exercise is sweating out all of those bad toxins! One of the negatives of working out to some is sweating! Staying hydrated is important! Hydration can not only help you prevent soreness tomorrow but it can increase your muscles strength! So do yourself a favor and drink plenty of water before, during, and after you workout!

Slow and Easy

Sometimes, it is necessary to increase the intensity of a workout to see more results in our body. Instead of changing everything all at once, try introducing new moves or more reps slowly. By doing so gradually, your body will adjust more easily. Which in turn, will save you from being so sore that you can’t walk the next day.  

Ice Bath

Being sore is an immediate result of inflammation of your overworked muscles. The best way to take care of inflammation is by icing it! So, take care of inflammation like a pro athlete and ice your tired muscles with an ice bath! A quick dunk in ice water can prevent the soreness that will follow an intense workout.

Owning your very own hot tub is just a call away. You, too, can prevent soreness!

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