Five fun, historical facts about a hot tub

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Five fun, historical facts about a hot tub

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Hot tubbing is known around the world and across the ages for healing and relaxation. And while you probably know a lot, we bet you don’t know these five fun facts about a hot tub:

Historical Hot Tubbing

If you love history, you’ll enjoy the fact that evidence of humans using hydrotherapy dates all the way back to Ancient Egypt! The first written account of humans using hydrotherapy was discovered in Egypt, and it dates back 4,000 years. Hmm – wonder what that hieroglyphic looks like …

Vineyard Hot Tubs

The earliest appearance of hot tubs in the United States can be traced to the California vineyards. In fact, vineyard owners would fill empty wine barrels with water from local hot springs for relaxing after a long day’s work. Imagine relaxing in a spring-fed hot tub with the California wine country as your backdrop. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Wise Men Hot Tub

Greek philosophers including Hippocrates and Homer would visit the local hot springs to relax and discuss the important topics of the day. Studies have shown that hydrotherapy helps improve brain function. Wonder if there’s any connection? Why not soak in your own hot tub on a regular basis and find out?

Japanese Monkeys and Hot Springs

In Japan, there are hot springs called onsens, and they’re a big draw for both tourists and animals. Located in the mountainous regions of Japan, the hot springs attract Japanese macaques, who travel down from the mountains every winter to warm their bodies in the therapeutic water.

When in Rome …

At its height, the Roman empire extended into Europe, Asia and Africa. As the empire spread, Roman bath houses began popping up across the empire. Open to the public and free to enjoy, the bath houses were a visual treat with elaborately stuccoed walls and mosaics of wildlife. But the Romans didn’t build bath houses for the visuals – they built them for the healing powers of the warm, soothing waters.

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