Do more jets really make a better spa?

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Do more jets really make a better spa?

If you’ve spent much time visiting hot tub showrooms or browsing online, you’ve probably noticed how all the hot tubs are either  totally loaded with jets or seem to have few at all. It makes you wonder – should you be shopping for a spa with more jets, or one with a few? If you find yourself confused on the whole idea of quality or quantity, this post is for you. Let’s take a closer look. 

So, how many jets do you need?

Unfortunately, it’s a common misconception that more jets symbolize a better hot tub experience. If a gentle massage is what you’re after, pay close attention to the different techniques and flexibility for massaging targeted areas different jet packages offer.

It doesn’t really cost a lot for a manufacturer to add more jets to a spa. However, prices do increase when those jets have specific purposes, or are adjustable. It’s that ability to adjust the jets, and jets that target specific areas, that really give you the best spa experience.

Less is more!

When you look at all those beautiful, shiny jets, it’s easy to assume the more, the merrier. Don’t forget the power is not behind the quantity, but the quality. The next time you go spa shopping for a hot tub, ask about hot tubs that provide a quality body massage, like a powerful jet stream that moves up and down. For the ultimate massage experience check out a Master Spa. These hot tubs offer the most incredible massage with a variety of jets, different rotation methods, optional spray styles, and a full body massage.

In general, jets are extremely important for the overall experience and quality of a spa massage. But it’s the quality and function, not the quantity, that counts.

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