Buying tips for first-time hot tub shoppers

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Buying tips for first-time hot tub shoppers

When shopping for a new family hot tub, it can be overwhelming searching through all the different options. To ultimately get the most out of your hot tub, it’s important to first identify the critical factors that will best meet your needs.

This is harder for first-time buyers, who can’t base their decisions off of their previous experiences. Once you’ve had a hot tub, you have a better understanding of your needs and preferred features, such as style, material, size, and functions.

Let us help you un-muddy the waters with some clear tips on how to identify a quality hot tub.

Placing your Hot Tub

Before you take the big plunge, make sure you have plenty of space. Common installations include backyard patios, new concrete pads, and backyard decks.  For those choosing to place their hot tub on the back deck, you may want to have a professional inspection to make sure the deck is reinforced and strong enough to hold your new hot tub, like a Master Spa.

Besides making sure your chosen location is strong and durable enough for the hot tub weight, you’ll need to make sure it’s flat and level.

You will also need access to both power and water. Because you may need to empty and refill your tub a couple of times a year, it’s easier if the water source is close by and you have adequate drainage.

Most buyers consult with a licensed electrician to make sure they have the proper electrical hookups. By placing your hot tub near the power source, it will make it easier for maintenance and access while soaking.

Quality Investment

A hot tub is an investment like a major appliance or even a used car, and you’ll want to choose the best quality available in your budget. Typically, the more reliable the hot tub, the less you’ll spend on maintenance and repair.

All new hot tubs sold through a dealer are covered by a manufacturer’s or dealer’s warranty, although, a higher-end hot tub will usually have more comprehensive coverage for an extended period.

When you purchase from a hot tub dealer, you’ll have the option to opt-in or opt-out of various levels of service plans. Even if you opt-out of the service plan, you can still ask the dealer for help. Granted, you’ll need to pay for parts and labor.

When you buy a hot tub, you enter into a relationship for the life of your spa. At Leisure Works, we believe everyone deserves the best. To find a quality spa that will last for years, like Master Spas stop in one of our showrooms today!

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