Why Leisure Works?

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At Leisure Works, we are the premier Hot Tub & Swim Spa experts of Southern Michigan, Ann Arbor and Novi.  Owned by Ann Arbor natives, our owners and employees are knowledgeable and caring about the local environment and community of people we serve. We strive for the highest in quality—in the excellent people we employ, in the exceptional customer care and service we offer, and in the outstanding products that we carry.

Leisure Works offers a full range of products and services. Whether you are looking for free water testing, the benefits of owning your own hot tub, or are interested in the custom installation of a new Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa, the quality of care and products you will receive from Leisure Works is unparalleled.

Leisure Works also offers a fully staffed maintenance and repair service team. While some companies outsource the work done to your hot tub or swim spa, we send our own highly-qualified staff to meet your needs. With an exceptionally low employee overturn rate, the experts at Leisure Works have over 126 years of combined experience and are committed to the very best in customer care. It is our joy and pleasure to serve this community and our customers seven days a week.

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