A spa can help you adjust to the time change

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A spa can help you adjust to the time change

From young to old, day light savings time always seems to disrupt sleep patterns. Even though we “gain” an hour this fall, your routine may still seem a little off. This sometimes makes it difficult to fall asleep.  Your hot tub can be the key to helping your body adjust to a new bed time.

What your body needs to sleep

Much of your body’s desire to sleep actually has to do with two things. The first factor, is your internal body temperature. As your body temperature cools, you begin to feel tired and more restful. Second, is light. Both natural and artificial light, work against you when it comes to making you feel tired.

How your hot tub can help

The best way to get yourself relaxed and ready for bed is to spend about 30 minutes soaking in your hot tub before bed. It is best turn the lights down low, put your electronics away and simply relax. The hot water will bring your temperature up for the time being, but as you get out of the water your body temperature will lower slightly mimicking its sleeping temperature. This puts you into an ideal state for falling asleep quickly and peacefully.

Accessories can add to your relaxation

You can add to your pre-sleep, hot tub routine, by adding a few accessories. Add a comfortable neck pillow, so you can put your head back for full relaxation. A colored light lens in your tub can be the perfect light source to get your body into a restful state. Soft peaceful music from your waterproof hot tub speakers can also enhance your relaxation.

As the time changes and you find yourself off schedule, let your hot tub lead you into a full night of peaceful sleep.


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