5 Must-Have Master Spas Hot Tub Accessories

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5 Must-Have Master Spas Hot Tub Accessories

A Master Spas hot tub can be the perfect way to relax after a long day at work. With the addition of the right accessories, you can enrich your hot tub experience. Here are 5 of the most outstanding hot tub accessories that our customers love.

Cover Lifter

Typical hot tub covers require a great deal of manual effort. Since incessant lifting or dragging leads to friction, it may cause issues with the hot tub’s insulating cover. When installing a cover lifter, you take away most of the difficulty of manually removing and replacing your spa cover. Eliminating this unnecessary friction to the vinyl significantly reduces additional wear and tear.


Since prefilters eliminate contaminants in the tap water before they reach the spa water, they add to the life of the primary filtration system.  They are also the most sought-after spa accessory and available in various sizes.

Towel Bars

This is a must-have spa accessory that offers everyone a towel at your fingertips. That means no more climbing out of the spa cold and wet before drying off. Plus, your towels and robes will remain dry and clean and off the ground. It’s durable and sturdy and installed in a matter of minutes.

Spa Caddy

If you’re all relaxed and cozy in the bubbling warm spa, who wants to get out dripping and cold to answer the phone or grab a drink? Well, with the spa caddy everything will be within in reach. It’s easy to install, too!

Weighted Spa Booster Seat

A spa booster is ideal for those short in nature or hot tubbing with the grandkids. This weighted booster seat will elevate your seated height while relaxing in the spa.

When looking for the ultimate spa experience, Master Spas has a variety of hot tub accessories. Contact Us and we can walk you through all the accessories and options available for your hot tub.

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