4 Rookie Hot Tub Buying Mistakes to Avoid

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4 Rookie Hot Tub Buying Mistakes to Avoid

So, you’re considering buying a hot tub for your home. Be excited! After all, a quality hot tub will provide relaxation and enjoyment for many years to come. However, with so many options on the market, it can be hard to separate a great deal from a scam that will end up costing you more money and trouble than it’s worth. That’s why you should learn a little about how to shop for a hot tub before you go perusing through the showrooms of the world. Be a smart, informed buyer to avoid the following rookie hot tub buying mistakes:

Ignoring Lifetime Cost

The price of your hot tub is not the sale price. It’s worth saying twice: don’t be fooled into thinking that a cheaper hot tub will cost you less. You’ll need to factor maintenance, energy costs, and potential repairs (especially if your hot tub isn’t from a trusted manufacturer like Master Spas or Clarity Spas).

Not Considering Placement of Your Spa Before You Shop

Do you have an electrical breaker near where you plan to place your spa? Are you able to run a 240V connection or are you limited to a 120V plug-and-play? Do you plan on putting your spa on flat concrete or on your patio or deck? If it’s the latter, you’ll need to make sure the foundation is structurally sound to support the weight of a spa filled with water. Think about your local climate and the potential hazards to your spa, especially flooding. 

Not Soaking in Your New Hot Tub Before You Buy

Hot tubs are a great way to relieve pain, de-stress and relax. If you have neck pain, you’ll want a hot tub with jets to massage your neck, and you’ll need one that’s deep enough to actually soak, not just float. Think about what you want your hot tub to do for you and don’t settle for less. 

Rushing Your Decision

If you want a quality hot tub, it’s worth the extra effort to educate yourself before you make a buying decision. Buying online without visiting a showroom is always a huge mistake. Leisure Works has locations in Ann Arbor and Novi where you can get all your questions answered by our friendly and experienced staff.

Visit one of our showrooms to see how a quality spa from a trusted dealer can transform your life. Also, follow us on Facebook for all the latest information on sales and events. As you search for your perfect spa, check out our blog. We have a wealth of information available on buying your next hot tub. In no time, you’ll be soaking in the perfect spa in your own backyard.

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