4 Hot Tub and Spa Accessories That Ain’t Just for Looks

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4 Hot Tub and Spa Accessories That Ain’t Just for Looks

Your spa soothes and relaxes your mind and body. The benefits of a daily soak are plentiful. Hydrotherapy is both low-stress and effective, especially if you are dealing with pain from injury, soreness in your joints or muscles, arthritis or many other ailments. However, getting in and out of the hot tub or swim spa safely can be a concern if you have a limited range of mobility for any reason. At Leisure Works, we promote accessibility, safety, and comfort. That’s why we carry a number of products to make your spa experience easier to enjoy.

Swim Spa Step 4-36”

Our 4-step staircase with handrails on either side comes with a drink holder and towel bar for your convenience. Spa ledges at 3’ and over can be daunting to lift yourself over. A stable stair set will help you to ease yourself in and out.

Spa Side Handrail with Base

We also carry a handrail with a locking base that is easily installed without hardware. The handle swivels and locks, so you can get in or out of the hot tub comfortably. Not to mention, it also looks great! The handrail has a line of soft blue LED lights that will complement the look of your hot tub and help guide you at night.

Handi-Spa Pad

Never skip a great spa foundation. If you don’t have a large concrete slab to place your hot tub on, or if you just want a more sightly base for your tub, the Handi-Spa Pad is for you. The pads are interlocking so you can easily customize it to the size you need. The pad is extremely durable and will keep your tub safe from the elements, protecting your investment for years to come.

Cover Lifters

Adding a cover lifter to your hot tub is an excellent idea. It makes it easy to prepare your hot tub for use and to cover it back up safely in one smooth motion. A cover lifter will also protect your tub from lawn debris, the elements, and unwanted bathers like your neighbor’s enormous golden retriever. Plus, it will keep your hot tub area looking tidy and gorgeous.

View our gallery of hot tub and swim spa accessories for more ideas on how to make your spa soaks even safer and more tranquil! Questions? Give us a call at (734) 668-7665 for our Ann Arbor store or (248) 348-7727 for Novi. Our selection of Master Spas hot tubs and Michael Phelps swim spas is second-to-none. Leisure Works is the largest Master Spas dealer in Michigan. With two convenient showroom locations, it’s so easy to find the model that is right for you.

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