4 Genius Ideas for Creating More Hot Tub Privacy

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4 Genius Ideas for Creating More Hot Tub Privacy

A hot tub is an intimate place to relax and enjoy yourself away from the noise of the outside world. One of the most wonderful aspects of being a hot tub owner is the fact that you are able to soak in the tranquility of your own home. Since you are home, you’ll most likely want a certain level of privacy when you use your spa. For those of us who live in a densely populated area, or without natural barriers obstructing the view of outsiders, a little extra privacy never hurt. Here are four genius ideas for creating more privacy around your hot tub.

Potted Hedging

Blend in your visual barrier with lush potted hedging for added privacy while you soak in your hot tub. Choose your favorite style of pots from your local nursery or garden store. Greco-Roman style with laurel patterning looks fantastic, Japanese-style pots offer a balance of form and function, or a simple rectangular planter box may be just what you’re looking for. A few types of plants you might keep in mind as you plan your hedging include Leyland cypress, holly, Japanese barberry, and bamboo. Creating more privacy can be as easy as planting and watering. Genius!

Frosted Glass Fencing

Plexiglass fencing is commonly used for pools, but can be great for hot tubs, too. It offers the added advantage of sound reduction. While it is generally more costly than planting a hedge, you won’t need many panels to cover the space surrounding your hot tub. Frosted glass looks beautiful and it will give you a excellent option to create the privacy you desire. 

Outdoor Privacy Screens

Outdoor privacy screens are an ingenius way to get the seclusion you want at a lower cost than installing fencing. There are a plethora of designs out there, so you can turn the area around your hot tub into a designer’s dream space. Go the extra mile and add trellis and vines around your privacy screen for a secret garden look. You can do a single tri-fold screen for a one-sided barrier or wrap a longer screen around your hot tub for even more privacy. 

Bamboo Patio Fencing

Bamboo fencing is probably the cheapest and fastest way to add privacy to your hot tub area. It’s genius for people who have a hot tub on their patio or back porch and it easily unfurls to fit your space. Bamboo fencing gives your hot tub a little tropical flair while keeping prying eyes out of your personal leisure space.

Now that you have the privacy and solitude ideas for your backyard paradise, you need the perfect hot tub to go with it! Leisure Works offers high-quality hot tubs and swim spas at amazing prices. You can even schedule a test soak before you buy, so you can choose the perfect model to fit your needs and budget. Come on in to a Leisure Works showroom to learn more. We have locations in Ann Arbor and Novi, MI for your convenience. Your perfect backyard oasis awaits.




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