3 Games to Enjoy in Your Hot Tub This Summer

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3 Games to Enjoy in Your Hot Tub This Summer


Get the party started and turn your hot tub into the ultimate face-off! Here’s three incredible games to enjoy in your hot tub this summer. Or, if you already have a favorite game, add a hot tub twist by making the loser jump into the cold pool if there’s one nearby. If not, dump a bucket of ice water over their head. 

Let the games begin!

Heat Up the Fun 

Hot Tub Ping Pong

All you need for this game is one ping pong ball or a rubber duck. Play one-on-one, or in teams of two. Sit across from your opponent and have a designated referee drop the ping pong ball in the center of the tub. Whoever makes the ball touch the other team’s side of the hot tub wins. There’s just one rule: no touching the ball! Anything else goes, so blow, splash, obstruct, do whatever you’ve got to do!

Liar! Liar! Pants on Ice

Here’s an icy twist to the classic lie detector game. For this one you’ll either need a cold pool next to your steamy hot tub, or a bucket with ice water sitting next to you. On slips of paper or cards write “truth” or “lie”. There should be about three times as many truth cards as lie cards. 21 cards in-total should be enough. Go around in a circle and take turns pulling a card. If you draw truth, just tell a truth. If you draw a lie, you must make up a lie. The other players have to discern whether you’re lying and call you out. If the other players call you out on a lie, you must jump into the cold pool or stand in the ice bucket. But be careful… If you call lie when a player is telling the truth, you receive the same punishment!

The Sinking Cup

The pressure is on! All you need to play this game are two plastic red cups. Put a very small amount of water in one of the cups and set it in the hot tub so that it floats around without sinking. Then go around in a circle and, using the other cup, have each player pour an equal amount of water into the floating cup. Whoever sinks the cup loses. Dole out the appropriate punishment as the group sees fit. 


Summer is SO much better when you enjoy it with amazing family and friends. And these games are the very best with a quality hot tub from Leisure Works. With an incredible selection of hot tubs from Master Spas, you can have the perfect recreational spot for both relaxation and fun. Check out our magnificent selection of hot tubs and add some fun accessories to make your summer the highlight of the year.

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